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Early life

Huang Jieping was born and raised in Shanghai, China. She grew up performing in theaters and hosting. She earned a bachelor's degree in art in Shanghai and then went to the United States to further her studies as a graduate student. After graduation, she worked in software development and is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. In addition to stage performance, she is also passionate about dance, photography and piano. She won first place in the 2014 San Francisco IGB Dance Competition,  in 2019 received the Award of Excellence in the prestigious Black And White Photography Competition. 2016, She is also the winner of the San Francisco Oriental Beauty Pageant.

In 2018, Crystal took a major role in the acclaimed stage drama "The Joy Luck Club", adapted from Amy Tan's classic novel by the same title. She then came to Los Angeles and attended Speiser & Sturges Acting studio of Performance. Soon after, she joined the team for the feature film Chinese Speaking Vampires (2021), playing the role of a movie director.

Crystal has produced and also performed around 65 feature and short films, some with well-known talent - Bermuda Island (2023) and Amber Road (2022) with Tom Sizemore, American Comedy with Eric Roberts, and Mistletoe Massacre (2023) with Bai Ling . She has played the lead role in Demons at Dawn, Dinner with Devil, Boarding House. Her performances in Cupid Paradise, Walk, Dark Feathers have earned her the best actress at several film festivals.

Most recently, Crystal produced and directed the psychological thriller Dark Feathers, where she served as director, producer and lead actress, showcasing her dance and martial arts skills. The cast of the film includes many world-class dance stars, such as Gilles Marini and the world's Latin dance queen Karina Smirnoff. Stars include Michael Madsen, who plays the backstage boss of a modern-day samurai clan. The film she directed won Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Trailer and Best Picture nominee  at the 24th Hollywood Independent Film Festival, “Crystal also became the first star from mainland China to win Best Actress in a Hollywood independent film”------ from LA Post

From Actress to producer and director, in such a short time, She has her own production company Ivy Images and Unchaseable LLC.



1 .  2024 Best Film & Art Director Elite Award 

2 . 2024 Woman in Film & TV: Restamp Awards 

3.  2024: Best Actress in 24th Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival 

4. 2024: Best Actress Nominee, Best Asian Film  in Chandler International Film Festival 

5. 2023 Best Actress in London Independent Film Awards 

6. 2023 Best Producer in Cult Critic Movie Awards 

7. 2023 Best Feature Film in Cult Critic Movie Awards 

8.2023  Best Leading Actress, Best Dance Film in Cannes World Film Awards 

9.2023 Best Crime Drama Film in Creation International Film Festival 

10.2023  Best Leading Actress in International Motion Picture Awards 

11. 2020 Best Leading Actress at the Canada Golden Maple Film Festival for “Walk”. 

12. 2019 Best Supporting Actress award in GSIFF for “Cupid Paradise.” 

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