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I am a Chinese-American actress, model, and photographer originally from Shanghai, China. After came to United States, I worked as a software developer in a major US financial firm and was a certified Microsoft solution developer. However, I have never given up my childhood dream to pursue the arts and film. After retiring at an early age, I decided to pursue art. I ranked first place in the San Francisco International Grand Ballroom competition in 2014. Won the Lady Oriental Beauty Pageant in 2015 and received a golden award in musical performance contest in the San Francisco Film Festival in 2018. I have won awards in multiple international photography contests including the prestigious Black and White magazine. I played a leading role in the acclaimed drama adaptation of the film classic “The Joyluck Club”, and starred in the award winning short film “Cupid’s Paradise”. I was  involved in multiple film makings including the "Latin Hitman", "Potus Dines LA", "LaoLao"', “The Bachelor Party" episode II, "Ballad of Blood Moon", ", "Chinese Speaking Vampire", "Good Morning", "Graduation", "Dream Lollipops" and etc. Received Best Supporting Actress award in GSIFF in 2019. For the role in "Walk" , won the "Best Leading Actress" at the Canada Golden Maple Film Festival in 2020.

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